Medical Director


The scope of responsibility a Medical Director has depends on your needs and qualifications. It could be something simple, like obtaining medical grade products and supplies, to something more involved, such as answering medical related questions or  being there for you in an emergency. Regardless of your level of practice or size of your business, Nurture LLC has your Medical Director needs covered. Inquire today!


Estheticians are some of my favorite people. Not only do you make people look and feel good, you also work hard and have amazing determination. Plan for unforeseen circumstances by choosing a medical director who is right for you. As a Nurse Practitioner with nursing background in critical care including emergency and trauma, trust that I can handle your unplanned situation and have your back any time you need me. 

Registered Nurses

Whether your forte is in aesthetic injectables or intravenous infusions, Nurture LLC is there to support your business and your career. We provide help for RNs who have yet to create their own standard and emergency protocols. Contact us today for any inquiries about getting a Medical Director and the independence it means for you!

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